Bricktown Team Members Ft. Smith:
Due to the severe impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on our business, and several city and state mandated shutdowns, as well as recent government guidance to not eat out in restaurants or gather in groups larger than ten, we are forced to close several locations.
We additionally will need to furlough our employees. This means that we do not have work for you currently nor will we able to pay you while we are closed and not working. We fully expect our economy to return to normal after COVID 19 runs its course and we want to bring you back as soon as business recovers from the current situation.
We want to be able to pay our employees the money they are owed, and we are going to do everything we can to keep as many people working through this crisis. 
We truly appreciate your hard work and employment with us and while we would like to offer a better solution, we feel it’s important to be truthful and open about the situation.
In the effort to give you as much access to all benefits that you can receive during this time of non-work, we will consider you as separated from the company. Your manager will stay in regular contact with you to provide updates on the company’s situation and when we anticipate recovery to a point to be able to bring you back to work. Your manager will also communicate to you if we determine that this lack of work becomes permanent.
The list below are the most common questions that we expect you will have regarding this separation:
  • Compensation – you will be paid all hours worked as per normal payroll processing on regularly scheduled pay dates (unless otherwise required by state law)
  • Paid Time Off or Vacation Pay – at time of separation all PTO/Vacation pay is forfeited and will not be paid (unless otherwise required by state law)
  • Benefits – employee benefits will remain in effect until the end of the current month and you will be eligible for COBRA. While we cannot advise you, this loss of benefits would mean that you have a qualifying event that would make you eligible for state or federal benefit programs. You can check this out at
  • Unemployment – you will be eligible for unemployment and you can find more information out on your local state’s unemployment website
  • Additional Resources – Employee Connect; help with financial concerns, stress/anxiety management, or child/elder care
Online: Visit (user name = LFGsupport; password = LFGsupport1)
Phone: Call 888-628-4824
Unemployment Benefits Finder

Again, we appreciate your hard work and efforts as a team member and want to keep an open line of communication during the next weeks/months.
If you have additional questions that are specific to your situation, please contact Nora Alvarez at 405-778-6878 Ext. 317.
Buck Warfield, President
Bricktown Brewery Restaurants

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Banh Mi Burger
Burger topped with banh mi vegetables, fresh jalapeno, cucumber and tabasco aioli sauce. Served with fries.
Goat Cheese Burger
Burger topped with goat cheese, jalapeno relish, bacon aioli, and pickled red onions. Served with fries.
Catfish Tacos
Three flour and corn blend tortillas filled with deep-fried catfish filets and banh mi vegetables. Topped with tabasco aioli, sliced radishes and cilantro. Served with tortilla chips and salsa.
Artichoke Spinach Dip
Artichoke hearts, spinach and a blend of cheeses. Served with toasted baguettes for dipping.
Chili Dog Mac & Cheese
Macaroni & cheese topped with Nueske's bacon & cheddar chili dog chili and garnished with Fritos®.
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